We are a news media company that

is both a YouTube channel and a

production company.

We are driven to create impact more than anything else.Our videos are designed to answer questions compellingly well, but most importantly, we design them to move people to act.


We answer questions that people are left hanging with by mainstream media - using explanatory journalism and our animated illustrations to simplify complex answers to the very simple questions you have about Africa. 


We are powerful, thought-provoking, and informative edutainment. Led entirely by African youth.

We "Compel people to fight for African prosperity"

using video to answer questions about trending African news stories.



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Young people are Africa’s best shot at achieving the prosperity we all hope for. But despite them being the most educated and the largest stakeholders in Africa’s future, youth are excluded from spaces meant for effecting change.


Africa’s prosperity cannot continue to afford youth potential going to waste any longer. That is why we are committed to running a YouTube channel and expanding our online media. We inform and compel African youth to find their own unconventional way to join a fight that desperately needs them. The fight for a prosperous African future. 


The urgency and hope in this story are what keep us excited to do our work at Umwe.

As we put together short and powerful videos for YouTube, we end up with unpublished footage, interviews, extensive research documents, and an understanding of more interesting questions to explore. 


This is why we operate boutique and subscription production services,  allowing broadcasters, media platforms, and any interested party to access our material and longer-form explainer videos that we create exclusively for distribution to our clients. 

We also create content on request for anyone who values our approach to explaining African news stories.